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Crocodyllus Fern

Crocodyllus Fern

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What is a crocodile fern? Native to Australia, crocodile fern (Microsorium musifolium ‘Crocydyllus’), sometimes known as crocodyllus fern, is an unusual plant with wrinkled, puckery leaves. The light green, segmented leaves are marked with dark green veins. Although the distinctive texture has been compared to a crocodile’s hide, the crocodile fern plant actually has a graceful, delicate appearance.

Growing crocodile ferns requires a bit more attention than your average houseplant, but crocodile fern care really isn’t involved or complicated. Crocodile ferns need regular water, but the plant won’t last long in soggy, poorly drained soil. A rich, well-drained potting soil such as a soil formulated for African violets works very well. To keep the plant happy, water whenever the surface of the potting mix feels slightly dry. Water until liquid drips through the drainage hole (always use a pot with a drainage hole!), then let the pot drain thoroughly. A kitchen or bathroom is an ideal environment because crocodile ferns benefit from humidity.

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