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Maranta Lemon Lime

Maranta Lemon Lime


Lemon Lime Maranta, also known as Herringbone Plant and Furry Feather, is an evergreen perennial that is often used as a houseplant. This plant is native to the Caribbean, Mexico, and parts of South America and is known for its distinct foliage with alternating yellow, lime, and chartreuse stripes.

Lemon Lime Maranta thrives in humid environments and needs plenty of indirect light and regular watering. When caring for this houseplant, it is essential to note that it is not tolerant to drought, so it is best to keep the soil moist but not overly wet. Fertilizer can be used to promote growth and vigor, being sure to reduce or discontinue use during the winter months. With regular care and attention, Lemon Lime Maranta can make an attractive addition to any home.

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