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Monstera Standleyana

Monstera Standleyana

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Monstera standleyana albo (Monstera standleyana 'Albo Variegata') is a tropical plant native to parts of Central and South America. Also called philodendron standleyana or philodendron cobra, this plant is prized for the speckles and splashes of white, cream, or pale yellow variegation on glossy, oval-shaped green leaves.


Give your monstera standleyana albo at least six hours of bright, indirect light per day. This could be in a north-facing or east-facing window or several feet from a south-facing or west-facing window. Be sure to keep the plant out of direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves. You can also put monstera standleyana albo in a brightly lit window with a sheer curtain to filter and diffuse the light.


Your monstera standleyana albo will grow best in a light, chunky potting mix that drains well but holds moisture. You can buy pre-made aroid potting mix at garden centers and plant nurseries or make your own mix by blending equal parts peat moss, orchid bark, and perlite.


Rather than watering on a set schedule, check the plant's soil moisture regularly to prevent underwatering or overwatering. Water your monstera standleyana albo when the top two inches of soil have dried out. Note that your plant will probably need less water in the winter when growth slows down.

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