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Moss Pole (Various Sizes)

Moss Pole (Various Sizes)


What are the benefits of staking your plants? Many tropical houseplants, including Monstera, Philodendron, Pothos, and Scindapsus are considered epiphytes. This means that in their natural outdoor habitat they grow on other plants as a means of support to reach the brightly lit tree canopy. Moss poles mimic the texture of moist, mossy bark and provide physical support for your plants to grow aerial roots and climb upward. Moss poles also offer a way to train widely growing plants into an upright narrow form to fit better in small spaces.

- You have more flexibility on where you can put your plant

- Your plant takes in less space (space for more plants!)

- You can "shape" your plant

- You like the way it makes your plant look.

  • Returns & Insurance

    In the event an item is damaged during shipment, a return or replacement will be offered. During this return process the customer will be required to submit pictures of the damaged item for review.

    There is a five day "New Home" adjustment period is standard with all plant purchases. This period begins at the time of purchase and covers plants that have received "reasonable" care. Accidental death, heat damage, over watering, under watering, etc is not covered.