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Propagation Tube (3D)

Propagation Tube (3D)

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When searching for plant accessories, we often look for uniqueness, quality, and even fun! Just as important is the beauty, it needs to fit our spaces and create awe for those visiting them! New or veteran plant parents can all agree that the above mentioned can be very difficult to achieve. Great plant goods aren't easy to find, and usually when you do find the right item, it's not for a reasonable price.

This brings us to the amazing 3D designs created and printed by local Central Florida craftsman Phillip Smith at Sawdust by Smith. Created using precision craftsmanship and tested thoroughly for user friendliness and durability, these products will look great as well as last a lifetime.

  • Returns & Inshrance

    There is a five day "New Home" adjustment period is standard with all plant purchases. This period begins at the time of purchase and covers plants that have received "reasonable" care. Accidental death, heat damage, over watering, under watering, etc is not covered.