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Sansevieria Lilliput

Sansevieria Lilliput


Sansevieria Lilliput, a delightful compact version of its larger snake plant relatives, charms with its elegantly curved foliage. Aptly named, this tiny wonder is an ideal choice for various spots around the home, such as bathrooms, desktops, or kitchen counters, offering a dash of green without demanding much space. Although it may be small, the Sansevieria Lilliput brings the same easy-care and air-purifying qualities that snake plants are celebrated for, making it a splendid addition to any plant collection.

  • Returns & Insurance

    In the event an item is damaged during shipment, a return or replacement will be offered. During this return process the customer will be required to submit pictures of the damaged item for review.

    There is a five day "New Home" adjustment period is standard with all plant purchases. This period begins at the time of purchase and covers plants that have received "reasonable" care. Accidental death, heat damage, over watering, under watering, etc is not covered.