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Healing Power! The return of plant medicine.

Honestly, there's a pill for everything. Current pain relief, future pain prevention, cognitive support, weight loss and dietary supplements just to name a few. All of these products ranging from pharmaceutical synthetic options to organic "nature made" products have resulted from technological advancements in medicine. A lot of which have come with a hefty price tag, in more ways than one.

Though these opportunities have in ways increased the human life expectancy and provided cures to some of life's most notorious illnesses some question modern medicine's approach, and its impact on the human body. As the path to new and improved medicine continues to grow expanding into a multi trillion dollar industry some are starting to look elsewhere for potential savings opportunities.

Before countless pill capsules and over the counter meds existed, health was maintained using the gift of nature. Surprisingly by many of the same plant species we see and use in our daily routines. For example, many healthcare items share herbal ingredients to assist with the likes of inflammation and pain management. This can be said for a variety of herbs and plants today.

Let's say you're not feeling well. Nothing weird, just the typical aches, pains, fever and chills but they haven't gone away for a few days. You decide you need a doctor and when selecting your future health consultant and "life guard" you'll look for standard requirements. In trend, our doctors are usually older as most people consider experience and years on the job to be a key deciding factor. If this is to be true, and experience beats all, some plants have been discovered to be used medically over 60,000 years ago making them pretty experienced.

Many current over the counter medicines and health products include active plant or herb ingredients. Does it matter? Sure! Nature has been around a long time, could it have gotten it wrong? Sure! Although, highly unlikely considering its proven track record and years of experience on the job. Now, why does it matter? Money. The average chronic back ache runs about $7 dollars a bottle, weekly. That's 24 pills over 7 days for a year. One year at a buck a day and there's some easy math to a pretty expensive pain reliever. The alternative, lavender essential oil. A one ounce bottle holds around a month's supply or more of pain relief for the same $7.

Most otc pain relievers come in pill and occasional topical cream. Essential oils act very similar to topicals as they are applied directly to the pain location. Now here's where the essential oils separate themselves, Aromatherapy. Essential oils have an ability to heal by simply being inhaled. I know right! Another wonder of the world for all to enjoy.

Effectiveness has been measured as moderate in control strength in many research studies. This is promising considering the savings, quantity, and overall health benefit. Longevity is is key when looking at long term costs.

There are far too many beneficial plants and herbs that provide healing properties to discuss in this short read but if interested The Herbalist Bible: John Paekinson's Lost Classic Rediscovered, is a great start to backyard medicine. This series will continue to grow and build into other mini series within. Feel free to stick around and grow with us!


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