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Mermaid Cactus

Mermaid Cactus

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Mermaid succulent plants, or Crested Senecio vitalis and Euphorbia lactea ‘Cristata,’get their common name from their appearance. This unique plant has the appearance of a mermaid’s tail.

Limited watering is required for this succulent. Let the soil dry well before watering again. As with many succulent plants, too much water can cause root rot, especially if water lingers around the roots. The proper soil encourages the water to flow through. Don’t let the pot sit in a saucer of water either. How often to water depends on the conditions.

  • Returns & Insurance

    There is a five day "New Home" adjustment period is standard with all plant purchases. This period begins at the time of purchase and covers plants that have received "reasonable" care. Accidental death, heat damage, over watering, under watering, etc is not covered.