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Sansevieria Hahnii Bird's Nest Jade

Sansevieria Hahnii Bird's Nest Jade

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Hahnii Snake Plant grows into a small easy-care houseplant that is perfect for any light exposure. Thick foliage that is silver and green zebra striped is slow growing and petite, only reaching about 12″ over time. Also known as Bird’s Nest Snake Plant for their cute protruding form.

Some of the easiest plants to grow, the majestic Snake Plants take a lot of abuse and still look great. They feature exceptional long green, sword-like leaf blades with decorative markings and edges in shades of white, yellow, silver and green. Long time favorites of interior designers, they instantly jazz up spaces.

Fantastic as houseplants indoors or outdoors as unique specimens. Grown for their fascinating leaf blades, plants rarely bloom indoors, with years going by without a blossom. Snake Plants are known to bloom when the plants are a little stressed, maybe not enough water or root bound. Creamy white scented flowers appear on long flower stalks. An air purifying plant, it removes toxins from the air, and unlike many plants, viper’s bowstring converts C02 into oxygen at night, making it an excellent plant for bedrooms.

Easy to grow, they prefer bright, indirect light, with no direct sun. Tolerant of very low light.

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